Welcome to Let's Repaint It!


LetsRepaintIt will stop existing 

Bad news for all of our fans. Good news for all of our fans as well.
LetsRepaintIt has just entered it's last year online. Within several months (june 2017) LetsRepaintIt will no longer be available.
Why not? Right now we are working on a bigger project. LetsRepaintIt will be taken into this account within short notice.
All of our downloads will keep existing and be offered on a different website, which is still to be announced.
The support however will receive a mayor upgrade. We'll merge with some other teams from other websites so all of our knowledge will be in 1 location.
You'll be able to post questions, get replies and many more in the new website.

The new website will probably be up in several weeks. From then on LetsRepaintIt will forward you to this new site.
If you'd like to stay uptodate about this new project, subscribe to us on Facebook.

We'll be regularly posting some status updates right there.
And to finish this message off;

We've existed for more than 5 years (formerly as Reskinsim) and we'd like to thank you for that.
Without your support and without your requests we'd not be as far as we are now.
We hope that we've made some stuff you like, you love, maybe even adore.
But for now, this is our final goodbye. Thanks for these great years, it has been our pleasure!

We hope to see you soon on the new website!